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Method codes can be found by searching our online method database.

If your method cannot be found, please contact melissa@absolutestandards.com with method description as noted per accreditation.


For Formal Studies - Twenty-one (21) calendar days after the close of the study.

For Quick Turnarounds (QTAs) - Two (2) business days after data submission.

For urgent requests, please email melissa@absolutestandards.com


A formal study occurs four times annually on a set schedule. You will receive your proficiency test (PT) samples at the beginning of the study. Results must be reported before the official close date of the study.

A Quick Turnaround (QTA) is a proficiency test (PT) that is not part of a scheduled, formal study. The final reports are sent within 2 business days of data submission. QTAs are mainly used for new method validation or corrective action.


For Environmental Studies - Our scheduled, formal studies are available here.

For Cannabis Studies - Our scheduled, formal studies are available here.


Certificates of Analysis (CoAs) are NOT available for proficiency test (PT) products.

CoAs for non-PT products are available here


WP :: "Water Pollution" - These PTs are meant for waste water testing.

WS :: "Water Supply" - These PTs are meant for potable water testing.

CS :: "Cannabis Study" - These PTs are meant for cannabis testing.

The numeric code in the lot number is the study number.


Use your PT login credentials (which were included with your sample) to login and enter your results here.

If you need some assistance entering your results, you may view our videos regarding data submission here.

Direct Entry
This is the most straight-forward method of entering data. You will be presented with a web form for a particular part number, and you will manually enter the data into the form. This method works best for orders with few line items, and part numbers with few analytes.
Batch Entry
This method speeds up direct entry by using spreadsheets. You will download a pre-formatted spreadsheet for a particular part number, enter your data, then upload the spreadsheet to the website. The data will be inputted into the web form, after which you will submit the data. This method works best for orders with few line items, and part numbers with many analytes. Additionally, this method allows you to save data on a local computer so you may work incrementally.

Please see our videos regarding data submission here for walk-throughs of each entry method.


Direct Entry:

Batch Entry:


All of accreditation certificates (i.e., ISO 9001, 17025, 17034, 17043) can be found here.


Please contact us at 800.368.1131 or customer.service@absolutestandards.com to discuss your custom proficiency test needs.


"Batch" submission utilizes spreadsheets to submit data en masse. It should be trivial to coerce the data output of your LIMS into the format for data submission.

Please refer to the training videos for details.


Please email Melissa at melissa@absolutestandards.com for PT/technical questions.

All other inquiries, please email customer.service@absolutestandards.com.